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Support Oracle Database

Eugene 9 months ago updated by michael.ziluck 2 months ago 11

Please vote If you are interested in Oracle Database to be supported in SqlDbm 


Print OR Export database diagram to PDF/PNG

Support 2 years ago updated by ehall 1 month ago 71

User should be able to print or export database diagram.


Add support for SQLite

cyber.sinh 8 months ago updated by Olesya 8 months ago 1

SQLite is a very popular SQL engine.


PostgreSQL Reverse Engineering

Eugene 8 months ago updated by Support 5 months ago 12


Released new version of SqlDBM with support of PostgreSQL Reverse Engineering.

Enjoy Data Modelling :-)

Thank you for you support and patience.



Olesya 2 years ago updated 8 months ago 14

Postgres as the next support SQL language

Olesya 8 months ago

Now SqlDBM supports PostgreSQL, try it

Thank you for your assistance,

SqlDBM Team


​Organize diagram automatically​ in one click (Auto Layout)

kessler.oliveira 1 year ago updated by Support 4 months ago 14

Organize diagram automatically in one click

Support 4 months ago

We have pushed new version with our first cut of Auto layout. Happy Data Modelling!


Team - SqlDBM


Naming Convention Template (Primary Key, Foreign Key, Index Names etc)

Support 1 year ago updated by cparis 6 months ago 20

It would be nice to have "Naming Conventions Template feature", using which user can provide template of how to name certain objects of the database. For example:
Primary Key: [TableName]Id  - "Student" table will have StudentId
Index: IX_[TableName]_[ColumnName]


Add support for views and functions

Julian Utting 2 years ago updated by scooke 2 months ago 6

A typical project involves many database objects besides tables. Being able to add views and (at least scalar) functions to the schema would be a massive boon in sketching out a database structure.


Generate Data Dictionary

nathan.plant 1 year ago updated by Nigel 3 months ago 3

As well as the ability generate the SQL, could there also be the option to generate a data dictionary?


Visually connect relations to correct columns

harjot 1 year ago updated by ben.c.arnold 6 months ago 9

It'd be incredibly useful if the editor showed the lines starting and ending at the connecting fields in a relation.

This would help anyone eyeball the diagram to see which fields are related to other fields without having to click around the diagram.