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Print OR Export database diagram to PDF/PNG

Support 1 year ago • updated by viktorcheberachko 2 weeks ago 52

User should be able to print or export database diagram.



Olesya 1 year ago • updated 3 weeks ago 14

Postgres as the next support SQL language

Olesya 3 weeks ago

Now SqlDBM supports PostgreSQL, try it

Thank you for your assistance,

SqlDBM Team


Support Oracle Database

Eugene 2 months ago • updated by ameerhamza75989 13 hours ago 5

Please vote If you are interested in Oracle Database to be supported in SqlDbm 


​Organize diagram automatically​ in one click (Auto Layout)

kessler.oliveira 11 months ago • updated by Eugene 1 month ago 11

Organize diagram automatically in one click


Naming Convention Template (Primary Key, Foreign Key, Index Names etc)

Support 11 months ago • updated by gordonhwong 3 months ago 19

It would be nice to have "Naming Conventions Template feature", using which user can provide template of how to name certain objects of the database. For example:
Primary Key: [TableName]Id  - "Student" table will have StudentId
Index: IX_[TableName]_[ColumnName]


Copy/Paste feature

Olesya 1 year ago • updated 1 month ago 8

Copy\Paste or Duplicate feature would be useful, when you have similar tables and do not want to create a new one over and over.


Relationship lines moving

Olesya 1 year ago • updated by RS 4 months ago 7

The ability to move the relationship lines would be great. Right now lines will cross or go behind another table, making the diagram difficult to read.


Visually connect relations to correct columns

harjot 9 months ago • updated by Eugene 1 month ago 10

It'd be incredibly useful if the editor showed the lines starting and ending at the connecting fields in a relation.

This would help anyone eyeball the diagram to see which fields are related to other fields without having to click around the diagram.



Olesya 12 months ago • updated 5 months ago 5

One feature that we feel is a bit missing is the cardinality information on the joins (0,1,n), it does help in the visibility of the diagram. 


Add support for SQLite

cyber.sinh 1 month ago • updated by Olesya 1 month ago 1

SQLite is a very popular SQL engine.