Naming Convention Template (Primary Key, Foreign Key, Index Names etc)

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It would be nice to have "Naming Conventions Template feature", using which user can provide template of how to name certain objects of the database. For example:
Primary Key: [TableName]Id  - "Student" table will have StudentId
Index: IX_[TableName]_[ColumnName]

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Good ideas, MBacon

This tickets will help other users to contribute towards this feature and help us to prioritize it.

Under review

Thank you for feedback, we will review this ticket soon

Under review

Thank you for feedback, we will review this ticket soon

+1 for this. I specifically need this for Indices 

This would help me when adding FK.

Having the same problem with random names for dozens of foreign keys.

Naming Conventions for Keys, 
Indexing And Defaults would be 1000% of amazing!!!


I am currently documenting a database from a company we are just acquiring and they are having different standards. I think a good first step already would be to allow foreign keys with a different column name that the one it's pointing to.


isn't this already support....or do I misunderstand your question?  

Here is an example of generated sql.  You can see this table originally had the name table_181.

CREATE TABLE [action_rule_log]


[id] int NOT NULL ,

[action_log_id] int NOT NULL ,

[rule_id] int NOT NULL 



Under review

Dear user,

We are looking into this issue. We will notify you as soon as we know more details.

Team - SqlDBM


Has this been placed onto the roadmap?   Right now it's making it difficult to work with Postgres.   

We have to generate the database in another server like MySQL, run some functions to convert all the FK_234 to our format, reverse engineer it back into SQLDBM, and convert it back to Postgres, and fix everything.


Glad I saw this.  Almost bought a subscription, but this would have been a deal breaker.  Not cool to see a feature request going on 2 years for a subscription software product...



It would also be nice if there could be some type of template for selecting unique constraints

For example: I would like to define a template like "Ind_[TableName](_[ColumnName])" and then if I select, "typeID and subtypeID" as unique constraints on the Thing table, then the constraint should be name "Ind_Thing_subtypeID_typeID"