Able to create few of the tables using scripts in already existing diagram.

mahesh bongani 6 years ago updated by Support 6 years ago 4

If we have a database diagram, which we already working on, we should be able to create some more tables by importing a script on the current diagram.

Under review

Thank you for feedback, we will review this ticket soon


We are glad you created this "Idea" ticket. We will discuss it with our team and work on it, in case there are lot of user votes for this.

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SqlDBM Team

To further this idea, it should support a script from any source, whether it is from an existing model or from an existing deployed database or a user written script. Just make a simple "Import DDL Script" feature. Have it be able to import one or more tables to start with and then expand it to also support Foreign Keys, Indexes, Views, ...  This way, a user could generate a script in another model, or from within SSMS, Toad, or a hand typed script and import them to the current model.  The import would need to do basic validation to insure the imported script is valid / doesn't duplicate an object name / has valid data types / etc. to protect us users from ourselves. (you know how we users are - always breaking stuff)