Highlight Active-Selected Diagram

lefgoumas 5 years ago updated by Support 5 years ago 5

I have 4-5 open diagrams-tabs. I think the one that is selected and active should be highligted somehow 

Thank you

Under review

We believe we have this functionality as show in following screenshot, where selected active diagram is Highlighted:

Please let us know if we missing anything or share screenshot of the situation you facing.

I like to use white theme and at least in my pc using chrome look my screenshot...

In your screenshot, the "active diagram" (which is Diagram_3) is selected diagram, and that is correct behavior.

Please explain, if we are something.

What I proposed is, if it is possible, the selected tab-diagram be more highlighted, bold the title or change the background of tab, in order to be more clear which tab is active.

Thank you.


That is good point, I will discuss that with our designer.