Visually connect relations to correct columns

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It'd be incredibly useful if the editor showed the lines starting and ending at the connecting fields in a relation.

This would help anyone eyeball the diagram to see which fields are related to other fields without having to click around the diagram.

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Thank you for your feedback.

To visualize the columns participating in a relationship: Just select the relationship line (by clicking on it), it highlights the columns that are connected in both parent and child table as shown below:

Also, we have thought about connecting lines all the way to the columns in the related tables, but what we observed that doing this can make the diagram very busy (can potentially loose readability).

In case you have an idea how to represent it visually, please share with us your thought.

I just noticed the comment about ideas on how to do this. In older versions of Visio, that fully supported various database diagramming, this was accomplished by simply bringing the connector line into either side of the table object centered (vertically) on the correct field name. This was quite simple and quite readable. If the table had too many fields to be displayed in the current size, then the connector line came in at the top or bottom line of the field list.  

I also agree with harjot that this feature could / should be a configurable option that lets the end user decide if they want this information displayed this way or in the classic model.

Thanks for your response!

I do understand the concern that the diagram could look more busy. Perhaps this feature could be made optional, or the lines could be draggable, since to determine the relation, someone has to go around clicking on them, which can be cumbersome.

Another suggestion could be to generate a colour for FK, and place a dot of that colour to the corresponding field on the other end?


Please implement this feature.  In large diagrams or in situations where a large number of foreign keys exist, scrolling around the diagram, clicking on each connector is beyond inconvenient.  Visually seeing which fields are participating in the FK makes the architects's / developer's job much easier.

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I agree except I think How tables are related should even be more explicitly shown.

I agree this will be even more important when the exporting feature is finished.