Reverse-engineer from ddl

Sherwick Min LLC 5 years ago updated by Support 4 years ago 7

I have DDL with create table statements. I do not have a database so I do not need to inspect it to generate DDL. I simply want to start with the DDL to reverse-engineer an E/R data model. Is this possible?

Glad you asked this question.

It is not possible at this time, but this the feature we are actively working on, using which users can use DDL to reverse engineer. 

Current estimate for that feature delivery is around 2 to 3 weeks.

So if this was updated as accepted 12 months ago and the feature estimate was 2 to 3 weeks, then is the feature available yet?


Dear User,

  Sorry for delayed response. 

But that ticket has been resolved almost year ago, if you try to Reverse Engineer, you will see option to use DDL.

Here is the article explaining this: https://support.sqldbm.com/knowledge-bases/2/articles/227-reverse-engineer-or-how-to-generate-a-diagram-from-an-existing-database 

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.


Team - SqlDBM

That's great thanks. I hadn't gone there because I knew Snowflake reverse engineering was still not developed. That will help me a lot.

All I need now is the ability to design and manage Views ;-)

Yeah, we recently released Snowflake reverse engineering, and now working on Alter Statements for Snowflake.

Hopefully, SqlDBM is helping with your productivity.


Team - SqlDBM