Snowflake Reverse Engineering

Eugene 2 months ago • updated by cyrdjet 2 weeks ago 4

Please vote for this feature to help us prioritize it.


Is there an update regarding the date of availability of Snowflake reverse engineering features? 

We don't want to promise anything. But we have a plan to work on it.
Please tell us how you use the sqldbm tool, and why you need reverse engineering for Snowflake. What is your DB Model experience? Feedback helps us prioritize tasks.



I am not yet a full customer - my company is looking for a DB modeling tool for use with our existing data warehouse service which is Snowflake. One of the things that interested me most about SqlDBM was the advertised support for reverse engineering of existing databases. I was a little disappointed to find that there's only a workaround to build out a DB model from an existing Snowflake DB as opposed to true reverse engineering like that which can apparently be done with something like SQL Server. that said, I still like what I see in the SqlDBM tool but would love to see the Snowflake integration. We need a tool that will allow us to generate a model/design from our existing databases to help our engineers and non-engineers alike visualize the relationships between objects in the databases. I can certainly generate something like that using any simple design tool (such as Google Draw) but I'd love to be able to point to an existing database an infer all of the tables/relationships. We have a lot of databases so the latter is a lot of work.