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robert manna 4 years ago updated by jac925 3 years ago 4

It seems like it is not possible to duplicate a diagram that has already been laid out. So in my case I have a complex set of tables with a large number of relationships and I want to have different diagrams with the same layout of the tables but with different aspects visible, for example a version of the diagram that shows only Tables & Summary, then another versions that shows columns, etc. Yes you can toggle this, but it also nice to have separate diagrams that look very similar but are also graphically organized differently. For example the Table/Description version might have additional notes, whereas the full column version would not.


Dear User,

  Agree, this could be very useful. 

Fortunately we have this feature available, but it not very intuitive (which we will work with our designer and improve it soon). 

Basically if you want all tables (or only selected few) to show in new diagram and also represent them at same location, you can do it via SqlDBM. 

Here how you can do it:

- Select the tables (holding "crtl" key) or click "crtl a"  to select all tables 

- Now to add new diagram, click on the "+" icon while holding "crtl" key. You will notice all your tables appearing in new diagram as well , which are at same location.

Please see following video, which is explaining this feature:

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Team - SqlDBM


hi, thanks for the quick reply, that does indeed make sense once you explained and showed it. however it is in fact 100% un-intuitive... :-) I think the simple solution is a right click context option to duplicate an existing diagram. What I do like about the above approach is that you can be selective which tables you want to carry forward, that is also quite handy.




Dear Robert,

  Yeah, I agree, it should be simpler or intuitive. We will work on this.

Thanks for your feedback,

Team - SqlDBM


Has this feature changed? I am able to select all the tables but they do not appear when I create a new diagram