Delete columns from relationship

brianyzhou 4 years ago updated by Support 4 years ago 1

Is it possible to delete columns from a relationship? Right now it defaults and brings ALL PK fields from the parent table. What if I would only like to bring some of the columns from the parent table?


In case you want to delete column from a relationship, then that relationship will not qualify (means it wont be considered as relationship).

If you need to have child table with a foreign key, then all columns of parent table which are part of PK, must be in a child table.

But, if you do not need relationship but just another column in child table, then you can just delete the relationship first and then drag that column (which you want in another table) with crtl key pressed to copy-paste that column in child table.

Check this article for details: How to move/copy/sort/order columns?

Hope this helps.