Visual differentiation of relationship types

pyee 8 months ago updated by Support 8 months ago 6

I'd love a way to select a different relationship line to more easily identify a one-to-many (or many-to-many) vs a one-to-one relationship.

Under review

Please suggest your idea, how you would like to visualize it.

This is pretty standard notation in other ERD's I've seen in the past. But there are others as well.

Yeah, this is good. But just to make sure, this is only Visual right? Because it won't have any meaning in terms of generated SQL.

If that is the case, there might be Representational Attributes available for relationship lines.

Let us know if you have different thoughts.


Team - SqlDBM  

Correct. I wouldn't expect this to change generated SQL, but would help at a glance when visually reviewing the diagram.


Sounds Good. Thank you for your suggestion. 

I will pass this information to our team and see when we can fit it in our development schedule.