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How best to represent aliased tables in a diagram?

paul middlewick 4 years ago updated by Brad 12 months ago 3

I have a process that retires one barcode and creates a new one.   I have a central barcode table that I want to represent on a diagram as two aliases - Retired and Current.   This will be accompanied by events table indicating if the barcode is being retired because of a retirement, transfer or upgrade event.

I think the best way to represent this is to clone the barcode table twice, rename and set the table to not generate SQL and link to the events table.   Does that sound right, or is there another way?

<bump>  This is needed functionality when working with complex data platforms, where entities needs to be shared. Otherwise, when a cloned / copied table is changed, one has to find all of the others and make the same change. Can trigger defects....

Under review

Hi Brad, thanks for the ping. Looking into this and I'll respond in your separate ticket as soon as I hear back from the Product team.

Thanks, Hannah. I also have a ticket on this topic as well.