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Right click on a diagram. Option to "Clone diagram". Select causes a replica

We are glad you created this "Idea" ticket. We will discuss it with our team and work on it, in case there are significant number of user votes for this.

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Dear user,

Now you can copy entire tables or parts of diagrams: within the same project or between different projects.



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The copy feature is great, but it doesn't retain the layout of the tables.  Cloning a diagram would be very helpful when you want another diagram with many of the same tables.  (for example, diagramming a star schema with the same dimensions but a fact table aggregated at a different level)

We converted this reply to separate ticket

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Would be huge for multiple people suggesting edits in the construction of a diagram

Hi CloudFruit, 

Just confirm you are looking for a function that will allow all users or multiple users to leave comments/thoughts on how an object how to modified or changed within SqlDBM?

This can be achieved by the team communication functionality (Enterprise): https://intercom.help/SqlDBMhelpcenter/en/articles/4872993-team-communication

I see you are not on the enterprise plan. I will have one of the account executives reach out to show you the functions and capabilities of the tool that are not accessible to your current plan. 

Retinder Labana