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jtlowe 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 4

Option in "View Mode Options" to toggle highlighting of new items, such as tables. This would be helpful when viewing large db diagrams to help in identifying changes quickly. Maybe a different border color around the tables, or dim the older tables.

Under review

I think this is good idea. We are glad you created this "Idea" ticket. 

Can you provide little more information on the requirements: like if there are new tables and they are somehow highlighted, then would you prefer to change color back to normal once project is saved?

We will discuss this within our team as well.

Thank you for your assistance,

SqlDBM Team

What I had in mind is a quick way to identify new tables added by my teammates, ones that I've not been made aware of yet. In my case, my team has already developed a ~50 table diagram, and I haven't found an easy way to tell what my teammates have added. Ideas to identify new tables quickly:

  • Option to highlight tables added after I last viewed the diagram. It may be nice to have a toggle option that can be left on or off.
  • In the "Database/Diagram Explorer" sidebar, add a "Recently Added" section

Part of my challenge has been finding new tables on the main diagram when I know they have been added. Highlighting them on the diagram as mentioned above may help. Also being able to select a table from the Explorer and have the table selected and scroll into view may help.

I'm happy to provide more details/thoughts. Thank you for considering this!

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Hi Jordan,

  I think is this is really good idea to quickly view the changes 

- made by other collaborators since your last revision 

- or ability to compare revisions and visualize changes.

- or ability to visualize changes based on some time duration for example changes made in last one week.

We will certainly look into this in more detail and discuss with our team, also we will see how many other users vote on this idea which can help us to prioritize this feature.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any further questions.

Thanks for sharing your vision,

Team - SqlDBM