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Explanation on how collaboration works with Free Vs Subscribed Users 

Both Free and Subscribed users can have:

- One "Free Plan" editing collaborator ("Free Plan" restrictions applied) 

- unlimited "Subscribed" Editors

- Unlimited Readers

Points to note:
- To work on a collaborated project, restrictions will apply based on the plan which user is signed up for. For example: If a Paid user is collaborating with a Free user then the Free user will only be able to forward engineer two tables (as per free user rights)

- If you have a team of two users: you have a choice to purchase only one license or two licenses. You will definitely save money by purchasing one license because you will receive one free editing collaborator (which you can use for other team member), but at the same time you will lose the opportunity to lock this discounted price for both users. 
We believe that this "Launch Discount" is heavily discounted offer, which will not be promoted again, our recommendation would be to purchase the paid plan for all of your users to receive this discount.

- Once invited, Subscribed user/s can collaborate on any project whether he/she is a member of that Team or not.

"Team Unlimited Planprovides the following benefits over "Single Unlimited Plan":

- Team Manager (Company) can purchase multiple licenses at the same time.

- Team Manager would have a full access to manage the team such as grant/revoke access to users.

- Lock the price for all future team members as well. For example: if a Team Manage purchases "Team Plan" for 3 users at  the rate of "$8.5/month/user annual plan", then the Team Manage can add more users to this plan at any time in the future at the same price, because price for the plan is already locked.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or concerns.

Hi Support team. I am working on a school project and i am trying to do some modelling based on some structures on Snowflake. Is there any offering for Students where i can try this product for my Project?

Hi Support team. I have registered using my student ID and college email address. But, I am not seeing the 'Educational' plan option to upgrade but I do see only the 'Free" tier option available. Thought of informing to see the options.