Ability to directly connect to Snowflake and choose the DB, Schema, and tables to pull into the model

chris soule 4 years ago updated by Support 4 years ago 1

The only way currently to ingest Snowflake tables is to copy the DDL out of Snowflake and reverse engineer the text.

For an enterprise tool, I would like to see the ability for us to setup a connection to a Snowflake instance in SqlDBM and then be presented with which DB, Schema, and tables we would like to ingest into the model.

Essentially the groundwork has been done (DDL Reverse Engineering) and all you would need is to run infoschema queries against Snowflake to supply the choices and then from there you can form the GET_DDL statements using the data from the infoschema directly instead of making the user do this for SqlDBM.

This elevates the value of SqlDBM exponentially, reduces the work the user needs to perform, and better facilitates keeping the model in sync with the physical tables.


We agree, this is good idea. We are glad you created this "Idea" ticket. This ticket is in our development pipeline and will be resolved soon.

Thank you for your assistance,

SqlDBM Team