Export to XML, JSON or another text based format in order to integrate with git

zachjallen 5 years ago updated by danny tishenko 4 years ago 4

Our business does not allow us to use binary files in our git repositories based on past misuse and mistakes.
I love this software, especially the representation of the tables and the dark color scheme, but we won't be able to buy into it unless we can import a sql script, organize it/add notes in the app, and then export diagram to a text based format that can be included in our git repositories alongside the database.

Can't edit topic, but would like to mention for others that might not be aware.The above process(import, organize, export) is all possible except for the export. 

HTML with something like mx-graph is another option that is viewable outside the application, in case we want to show another team/business/client, but has to be edited within the application.

Under review

Dear User,

  Thank you for using SqlDBM.

  We believe this is a great idea, to be able to store the Diagram at Custom Storage for Business Needs or other kind of versioning.

We have plans to add feature, so users can provide their own Custom Storage locations like S3, GIT, GoogleDrive etc to store Diagram. But unfortunately, we cannot provide anytime line on this feature as we have lot of other high priority items that we need to take care of first.

For now, either you can use the Versioning system that SqlDBM provides with all Revisions or wait until your requested feature is available.

Only thing I would like to add is: In case you want to wait, you might miss the launch discount currently available for all our beta users.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have other questions.


Team - SqlDBM


I would add that integration with Gitlab/hub would be an awesome feature, so JSON export would be ideal. Other options could be support for DBML perhaps? https://www.dbml.org/home/ or even YAML file would probably do.

Given this feature request was over a year ago, any update or likely timeline?