multiple snowflake database

fyin 4 years ago updated by Support 3 years ago 4

In a large work environment, each snowflake user will have multiple database, either owned by the user or shared by other users. Currently multiple snowflake database is not supported and thus limit the capability of visualizing cross-database references.

Under review

Agree, we are working on this DirectDB Connection with Snowflake, which would allow users to pick multiple databases for RE and thuse users can have multiple DBs in single project.

It would be good enough for us to just allow multiple databases on the app. Actually we can't allow direct access from the app to our snowflake databases. We would like to use the this app as collaborative design and documentation tool.


I believe it is necessary for the Snowflake support to be considered fit-for-purpose for it to be possible to model multiple databases in the same diagram. In particular the forward engineering feature cannot be used to create a complex Snowflake environment without this.


Totally agree that having multiple database in a single project would be useful, specially in case of Snowflake.

At this stage we are working on DirectDB Connection, which allows to accept multiple Schemas to RE in the project.

After that we will be extending it to allow multiple databases in the same project as well.

See following video showing what is upcoming regarding DirectDB Connection and selecting multiple Schemas in RE process:

Video Apr 14, 21 30 54.mov