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allow non-owners to invite team

Jason Horner 4 years ago updated by Mani Sodhi 4 years ago 5

Currently, non-owners are unable to invite user into a project. Can you allow user with edit rights to invite user? This is a  blocking issue for us since a project can only be owned by a single user.

This will be very helpful for us too, this is a huge bottleneck. 

Under review

But if you think from security point of view, project owner should decide who can view/edit the project and not anybody else.

Agree collaboration should be quick and easy:  We are going to have Team Communication feature soon available, which might reduce the gap and users can ask project owner to allow access to add some other in project.

interesting. The way things work in my team, we have multiple folks wanting to add people to the project - atleast for view purposes. Maybe allowing multiple "owners" or having an explicit permission to allow someone to invite others to view would help? 

Yes, that is a good point to allow team owner to make other users as project administrators (who can have permission to invite other users).

We will discuss with our team.

Thanks for the feedback.

This is desperately needed. At minimum the feature should allow Project Collaborators to share the link via email, which the owner can only currently perform.