Relationship(Join Column identification) without foreign Key or Virtual Relations

nssidhu74 6 months ago updated by danp 1 month ago 3

Right now to show relation between column, we have to create Primary Key and than it automatically create Foreign Key in the related table.

This is good for OLTP Table Design. 

For Big Data Workloads that don't support Enforced Relationship, but only virtual relation the above restriction are too strict.

Also the names of column can be different in both the tables.

Please relax the current criteria for Relationship or allow creation of Virtual Relationship between tables with multiple columns involved


I've encountered the same problem in a different scenario. I'm modelling a source app database that doesn't use the primary key of the 'one' side in the implementation of their relationships - I'm attempting to show the join logic in the model but keep on being forced to use a primary key on the one side and a foreign key on the many side. That should be the default but then with the option of changing the columns used in the relationship - perhaps a different relationship type is needed.

I'm busy doing an evaluation of SqlDBM versus Er/Studio Data Architect which is up for renewal soon - this limitation could be a deal breaker. 


With the same requirement, my usage is that the physical layer does not create strict foreign keys, but use join for queries, and hoping to see the relationships of each table in the model view.

I would appreciate your support.

You can actually change the column in the destination table when the key has been created; select the relationship and then you can alter the name in 'Rolename' section