Difference between dotted lines and non-dotted lines

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Hi guys

I wondering and trying to looking at the difference between dotted lines and non-dotted lines in my project.

Image 985

Additional, what does mean the diamond/rhombus? Does it mean MANY?

What does mean the dot in the final point of line? Does it mean one?

Thanks for your support and help me put to understand.


Jairo Suarez


Thank you so much, Paul. The information has been very useful.

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Hi Jairo,

Dotted vs complete lines is down the relationship you're portraying.

Dotted is non identifying join type typically PK to FK

Regular lines are identifying joins and typically PK to PK

In this screenshot from one of my models, a record cannot exist in the yellow table without a corresponding record in the blue table (it's parent) making it an identifying relationship.

The blue table may have none, 1 or many records in the green table making it a optional, or non-identifying link.

Image 995

You can change this by click on your join and changing the checkbox for relationship:

Image 996

As for circle vs rhombus.   The circle denotes the destination of the join I believe.   The rhombus I've not seen in my models but I'm using a different methodology to you and we might be working on a different database types.

Hope this helps


Thank you Paul, yes that is underlying meaning of Dotted Vs Solid relationship line.

Dear Jairo, please feel free to ask if you any further questions.