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kory skistad 4 years ago updated by hannah gryska 2 years ago 3

I see the diagram and database explorer has ability to search for objects (Tables, columns, etc.) but I can't find any way to jump to that object in the diagram.  Is there a way to do this?  I understand the same object may exist in multiple diagrams, but the ability to highlight the diagrams that it is included in, and the table and/or column would be very helpful.

Under review

I think this is good idea. We are glad you created this "Idea" ticket. We will discuss it with our team and work on it.

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SqlDBM Team

If you can't make it jump to the table, maybe you could highlight it in the little map in the lower right-hand corner?  I built my database diagram, and have a general idea of where I put my tables, but if I have to hand this over to someone else, eventually, they are going to have a devil of a time trying to find each one.


Hi Jennifer, thank you for contacting Support. This functionality has actually been added in the last few years (since this original question was asked). If you click on a certain table within your database explorer, the table will be highlighted in blue on your diagram. This also happens for objects as well! 

Hope that helps!