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Select tables for Forward Engineering by Schema

Michael Schäfers 3 years ago updated by troy thomsen 2 months ago 3

In the current options for Forward Engineering you jsut see a list of all tables and there is no option to select just tables from a specific schema. This would be really helpful as schemas are logical groups of tables and you often want to generate SQL for all tables from such a group.

By schema - as well as by Subject Area and/or Diagram. If I were to prioritize, I would actually prefer to be able to select all tables in a Diagram as more important as that provides a little more granular selection. 

Under review

Thank you for this feedback! I've passed it along to the Product team for review. I did want to mention that we did implement a "search" functionality which would allow you to search only a schema and then FE those tables which belong within that. I understand that is not what you're looking for specifically, so thank you for your ideas there. We hope to enhance this soon.

I will check out using search, that's a possible work around. Would still be nice to just be able to click on a subject/display and have those tables selected.