UI Settings

Matthew Wendel 3 years ago updated by Support 3 years ago 1

It would be super helpful to be able to control certain features of SQLDBM, such as enabling/disabling scroll to zoom, viewing/altering hotkeys, or showing/hiding certain buttons within the interface that are not needed.

When using a Mac, I catch myself randomly zooming in/out so far I can't see anything anymore, and being able to disable zoom by scroll wheel (along with other options) would certainly increase productivity.

Thank you for your amazing software! :D 


Glad you liked SqlDBM :-)

Regarding "enabling/disabling scroll to zoom", that control is already available, in the Right Panel for Diagram properties:

We are glad you created this "Idea" ticket. We will discuss it with our team and work on it, in case there are significant number of user votes for this.

Thank you for your assistance,

SqlDBM Team