Compare Revisions Or Generate Alter Script, to find changes made

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User should be able to compare different revisions and generate "Alter Script" , so that script can be applied to existing database.

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very useful feature


Would be very helpful to discuss changes with the development team from revision to revsion.

this is possible in simmilar websites offering db designers online. I would stick it in the backlog.

Obviously.  This could be a deal-breaker...the alternative seems to be dropping the existing database tables, running the new script, and reinserting sample data?...or creating a new database, then using a third party tool that generate the diffs?  Ideally, it would work like Google Docs...compare an arbitrary Version X to any Version Y.

Update:  Is in the development pipeline!

Dear Ken,

  We have this ticket in our development pipeline. Once that ticket gets prioritized we will work on it.


Team - SqlDBM

Any update or timeline on this?