Deferrable constraints are not included in SQL output for Postgres

j 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

I'm using Postgres. I have a foreign key defined and have selected the "Deferrable" and "Initially Deferred" checkboxes in its Options section. However, when I go to "Forward Engineer - Generate SQL" for this table, it appears to ignore the deferrable options I selected for the foreign key constraint.

I expect the exported SQL to look like this:

CONSTRAINT "FK_325" FOREIGN KEY ( "price_id" ) REFERENCES "dependent_item_prices" ( "id" ) DEFERRABLE INITIALLY DEFERRED

...but instead it looks like this:

CONSTRAINT "FK_325" FOREIGN KEY ( "price_id" ) REFERENCES "dependent_item_prices" ( "id" )

NOTE: I have also tried exclusively selecting the "Deferrable" and "Initially Deferred" checkboxes just to see what would happen. In both cases, no additional information is added to the constraint.