Support for "Included Columns" in indexes

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Hello! A few weeks ago you mentioned that this feature is under development and available around end of July. Any update when it will be released?


Unfortunately, "Included Columns" in indexes is not available as of now. 

Currently, we are focusing on UNDO feature and releasing it out soon. Also at this time it is very difficult to provide any timeline of the "Included Columns" feature. 

But now, since we have this idea of "Included Columns" on our "Support Forum", by having more votes by other users can help prioritize this feature (and other upcoming features) better. 

Ok, in that case we won't be using your product and stay with ERwin.

 We are releasing "Indexes with Included Columns" this week.

Check out details of this release here http://blog.sqldbm.com/sqldbm-release-update-sept-01-2018/

FYI: This is big release, with lots of important features.


Team SqlDBM 


Please add this feature. It is a very common item used for tuning queries and indexes for application support.  Anecdotally, I would prefer this feature over UNDO...


Good News: We have started working on "Included Columns" in indexes. Hopefully, it will be released soon.

Thanks for your suggestion/s and using SqlDBM.


Does "Snoopy Happy Dance" at desk.    


This feature has been released.

Enjoy Database designing using SqlDBM