SqlDBM Stuck with "modal-backdrop fade in" on top

captbunzo 3 years ago updated by lesya 3 years ago 3

For a few days SqlDBM has been stuck with the greyed out fade in layer on top. I have tried deleting this with chrome developer tools, but then I cannot save my schema.

I have tried clearing the cache for the site to no avail. Any idea how to solve this?

Image 1419


Dear User,

Sorry for the inconvenience, the problem occurred on the latest version of chrome Chrome 90.0.4430.72

If possible, please use another browser. We are working on the problem.


Team SqlDBM

Thanks for the quick response. I can confirm it works fine in the latest version of Microsoft Edge.


Dear User,

New version with fix is available, please clear cache and refresh page. 

Feel free to contact us in case issue still persists.

Thank you for reporting and using SqlDBM.

Team SqlDBM