Add Audit Columns to all the tables in the diagram

Mayank Shukla 3 years ago updated by kevin cadd 3 years ago 2

There should be a way to add a setof columns like Audit columns which should get added to all the tables in the diagram.

There are certain columns like "Created By", "Created On", such columns are mostly required for all the tables. Instead of adding them individually to all the tables being created, there should be a way in which we can map these set of columns to our SQL tables in the diagram


Dear User,

There is a feature of "Templates" that would be coming out soon, which would cover this requirement.

The table templates would allow users to create templates of the table they would want, basically some set of columns that can be pre-created. Any table that would derive from the template would automatically get those columns.

Our team is planning to have that feature out by end of Q3 or Q4 of this year.

Hope this helps.


Team - SqlDBM

A highly desirable feature. I'm going to be mapping our enterprise solution (1900+ tables) into your solution, this is a critical piece of functionality for us.