documentation export limited to or based on a diagram

pvh 3 years ago updated by Daniel Einspanjer 4 months ago 2

It would be nice to be able to only export to XLSX the tables that belong to a certain scheme, diagram, or whatever other logical organisation of tables.

At this time (unless I'm mistaking terribly) it's only possible to document export the entire project.

I'd like to use your application to design and document the database in general, but I would like to have specific exports of parts of this database to be able to make additional documentation outside your application.

It would be nice to narrow down the number of tables in the export before exporting it, in order not to have to browse to the entire exported XLSX file in order to get the info that I need for my extrernal documentation.


I concur.  Having the ability to limit it to a specific diagram, so that we can direct it to the correct business stewards to update definitions would really be helpful ... rather than having to work with the entire database.


This is something that I really need as well.

Being able to filter based on the subject area or diagram is critical when dealing with a very large database.