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Can I use ALTER TABLE statement in reverse engineer?

v-yziamtsou 3 years ago updated by Sandeep Patil1 5 months ago 3

We want to change our Snowflake revision with ALTER TABLE script. Reverse engineer import doesn't see any changes. Is it possible to change revision with alter scripts at all?

Yes, this is a feature which would definitely improve our process!

Under review

Hello all, thank you for contacting Support. I may be misunderstanding here, and please let me know if I am, but we do support Alter Script generation already! Please read more about it here

I assuming here so @v-yziamtsou please suggest if this is not what you exactly were suggesting.

Currently SQLDBM application is able to produce "ALTER SCRIPTS" for execution on databases, this request is to have an ability to execute similar "ALTER Scripts" in reverse engineer to update the models in SQLDBM Project.

This ability will allow to make minor model changes such as adding column, updating metadata, updating a tag value via "reverse engineering" tool than opening the model in "diagrams" tool to amend the design