Change format for existing relationship names?

kenneth wood 3 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

Is it possible to reformat all the names of my relationships/foreign keys after they've been created?

That would be a nice feature, if it doesn't exist; otherwise, I have to manually change from the ddl script generate from forward engineering.

Yes, just click on the relationship and you'll have a name for that relationship on the right panel. By default it's FK_#.

Sorry.  I didn't mean renaming manually one by one.  I meant could I rename all the existing relationships at once with a custom format, like <tablename>_FK_<#>?  As it is now, I have to manually rename them, as you suggested, and the the naming convention does not allow for more custom naming that I can see.

Oh, I don't know about a way to do it with templates. I'm a lonely dev so I don't bother naming the relationships, I just leave them as they are. 

I think you could work something out in excel, or with a script, instead of renaming them manually. But yeah it'd be nice if we could use templates for the names

Yes. That's what I have to do now is either manually name them to fit our naming standard or do it in metadata using a script after I've forward engineered.

Can you please forward this as an enhancement request?  Then, you can close this ticket.