Auto-generate/Suggest relationships (referential integrity) when reverse engineering a DB

james farrell 3 years ago updated by Support 3 years ago 2

A really cool feature that would make this tool great would be for it to analyse tables upon reverse engineering and see if relationships exist between tables already.  Currently it seems you have to manually add relationships between tables and then edit the relationship role_name to prevent additional columns being created for relationships that already exist. 
If this was something that could be automated I when reverse engineering (even if it meant a manual review step to ensure the auto creations were correct) it would save a lot of time and bring great value to customers.

Example (Reverse engineering a Snowflake DV table):

Hub_Table1                     LNK_HUB1_HUB2                                  Hub_Table2                Sat_Table2

Hub1_SK          ------------>  HUB1_SK                        ------------  HUB2_SK       <------HUB2_SK


If these relationship lines could be autogenerated rather than manually populated as currently I think it would be a huge benefit to the tool. Even if it was added as a checkbox option when reverse engineering so the user knows they will have to do a manual step of reviewing the auto-created relationships to ensure they are correct.


Even if only added as virtual relationships, it would allow the user to see all the potential connections between tables in a really nice visual way


We are glad you created this "Idea" ticket. This is actually part of our near-future roadmap to give suggestions on relationships and then create auto relationships if users want.

Thank you for your assistance,

SqlDBM Team