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prccp 5 years ago updated by Support 5 years ago 7

Both links don't work on the site's mobile version. I'm using an iPhone 6s with iOS 12.1.2

I open up the hamburger menu at the top right corner, click on both links, and none work. I even tried pressing and holding them, but it only tries to copy the text, like it wasn't a link at all.

I've also tried using Mac Safari's developer tool to simulate the website running under iPhone's iOS, but that worked Ok.

Under review

Thank you for reporting this, we will look into this issue.

It still doesn't work. Tested on an iPhone 6s with iOS 12.1.4 (16D57). If needed I can test later on an iPhone SE and iPhone 5S as well.

Dear user, 

At this point we are not focusing on all mobile screens/models due to the nature of our web-based tool. However, we will use your suggestions as we prioritize our delivery pipeline. 

Best regards, 

Team - SqlDBM.