Default behaviour of Generate Index

hernanruiz91 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1

Hi. Would it be possible to change the default behaviour of Generate Index on relationship properties? By default every relationship generates a new index, which is way too many indexes.

I think the default behaviour should be not to generate an index. Specially when the the FK is the children's table PK. In those cases it seems to be duplicating the index, at least when the PK has more than 1 column.

I can see postgres has the default generated index for the PK plus the index generated through forward engineering. So I have 2 indexes that are the same, under different names.

Image 1490

I correct myself, they are not the exact same indexes. The PK index checks Primary and Unique, which the one generated by forward engineering doesn't do. Still it's a duplicate since they control the same columns