Enhancement Request: Add CREATE OR REPLACE option for Snowflake DDL generation

kenneth wood 3 years ago updated by troy thomsen 6 months ago 7

When generating DDL (forward engineering) for a Snowflake database, can you add the option to have the "OR REPLACE" clause for the objects?  This applies to Schemas, Tables, Views, etc.  

There should be many more generation options as well. Whether to generate related indexes, FKs, column constraints, table & column comments, etc. Literally everything about each table should be configurable on generation. 

Under review

Thank you for your feedback! We will pass it along to the Product team.

I think this can be closed. Thanks!


Thank you, Kenneth!

To clarify, by "each table" in my previous comment, I didn't mean to express the desire to configure by individual table, but by category, if you will. For example, for all tables being generated, turn on and off the generation of column constraints, foreign key constraints, foreign key indexes, alternate key constraints, alternate key indexes, table comments, column comments, etc. 

Hi Troy, we appreciate the ideas here! Would you be willing to submit this as a separate idea ticket so that our team can keep track of it? The previous idea that was submitted by Kenneth above was completed. Thank you! (This just helps us keep track of things a bit better- thanks again)

No problem. Good work.