Add Stored Procedures

Michiel Victor 2 years ago updated by m valekova uk 1 year ago 4

In the same way that you allow for the addition of views by providing the create view script, please also allow for the creation of stored procedures by providing the create proc script.


We are glad you created this "Idea" ticket. We have already started working on this feature.

Thank you for your assistance,

SqlDBM Team

Hi, I was thinking the same. Whether there is a way to generate script for forward engineering for stored procedures, based on the database diagrams. Is that what is in progress? Thank you,


Hello, thank you for your comment! We do offer Stored Procedures at this time, though it is only available for Snowflake, Synapse, and Sql Server. Here's an article on that as well: https://intercom.help/SqlDBMhelpcenter/en/articles/5788363-stored-procedures-and-user-defined-functions-udf


Hi, thank you. So it works if we create the stored procedure. But is there a way the script for stored procedure would be automatically created if we enter all of the tables associated?