Database field

Jonas Brock 2 years ago updated by hannah gryska 1 year ago 3

Add a database label field to an entity,and an option to show that label in the entity naming label.

i.e. displayed in the diagram as either databasename.schema.table or databasename schema.table (without dot between db and sch name).

Or alternatively integrate support for cross db modelling i.e. have a new top layer in the explorer starting with a list of databases. An then switch options to show or not show the database and schema parts of the entity naming etc.


Thank you for submitting this idea ticket. We appreciate it and will forward to the product team.

Does this mean that you have or soon will implement this idea?


Hello Jonas, 

Thanks for reaching out. We have yet to implement this and though it has been forwarded to our team, it is not yet on our active roadmap, unfortunately. We will keep you updated on this feature.