Two finger pan and pinch to zoom like Figma, Whimsical and others

reetpragya 1 year ago updated by serge 1 year ago 2


I think the product is great and has really helped me understand my company's data model quickly. 

Unfortunately, the experience is horrible when I'm trying to pan around and zoom in/out with my Mac trackpad. Other popular tools like Figma and Whimsical to name a few have a great two finger pan and pinch to zoom mechanism that makes it a dream to move around in their UI with a trackpad.

I see that SqlDBM has adopted the pinch to zoom mechanism but the sensitivity on this feature is very high and very tricky to get the right amount of zoom using it. Additionally there's no two finger pan. I'm really hoping this can be adapted from the other popular tools out there. I saw an open forum request about this but there hasn't been any movement so I and others would really appreciate a follow up here.




Hi Reet, 

Thank you for submitting this idea ticket. We will forward to the product team so they can take a look at adding this to our roadmap.

Thanks again!


It's coming in the next release!