How do I share a single table to show among multiple Subject Areas in a diagram?

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I've got a table dbo.Clients that I have in a project's Subject Area called 'CRM' (Client relationship management). 

I have another Subject Area called 'Policy' on this same project, and I want to be able to show this same table in that Subject Area as well. So any changes/improvements made to the one in 'CRM' will be inherited by the one in the 'Policy' Subject Area. Is that possible?

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Hello, thank you for contacting Support. Please see the instructions for subject areas and how to create and add to them here.

Any changes made to the tables within the main diagram will reflect in the subject areas as well. Thanks!

This doesn't answer my question. If I have a table in the main diagram, what specific steps do I take in your UI to have that same table show in specific subject areas also?


Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Please check this article: https://support.sqldbm.com/en/knowledge-bases/2/articles/83-how-to-movecopypaste-table-from-one-diagram-to-another

It will guide you on how you can have the same table in multiple diagrams/subject areas.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


Team - SqlDBM

Very good instructions. Thank you!