project should be saved with each change automatically...

roman petersky 1 year ago updated by hannah gryska 1 year ago 1

so that the changes are not lost (if the page is closed etc.). Loosing a lot of progress this way can be very frustrating and an ultimate reason for not buying.


Hi Roman, thank you for this idea. While projects are saved as drafts in the browser if any changes are made, you must manually save a version when you are ready to save another revision. Why? Most of our users prefer to save a version which contains multiple edits/changes and to know, more or less, which changes were in which revision. Our Revision Control feature helps with this. If each change in a model, no matter how small (like moving a table over a bit or something), saved automatically as a new version/revision, you'd have too many versions to know which changes were made in which revision. 

I know it's not ideal for all customers, but at this current time, this is the preferred method. Thanks for reaching out.