Convert To SQL only 1 Table At a Time??

ultimatecodewarrior 1 year ago updated by hannah gryska 1 year ago 1

I spent some time evaluating the product, only to find out that with the evaluation version I could only create one table at a time to SQL Create Statement.     I think that you should warn the user what's limited to start with.    After I created my first table and went to create a second table it should have popped up a warning that conversion to SQL will be limited to only one table at a time for an evaluation version.  This would save a lot of headaches.    I think you should have like a 10-table limit, not one.  


Thank you for submitting this idea ticket. While we know the limitation is quite a lot on our trial version, you might want to give our Basic Plan a chance. It is just $25/month and you can generate all your tables without limitation. Thank you!