Confluence Connector - Show a single Diagram in a Model

BT 11 months ago updated by Daniel Einspanjer 2 months ago 4

I'm submitting an idea to enhance the Confluence Connector.  It would be great have a selection on the connector configuration page to limit the connector to show a single (selected diagram) or just diagrams in a selected subject area to be displayed.  This would help users just see the content you want them to view in the model on confluence pages vs having to navigate in the connector to find the diagram you want them to look at.  It would also support model documentation to be written around a current state diagram to provide buisness context, links to requriements, etc... for easy viewing by project teams the model supports.  

adding some additional insight into use cases.  As we look at Enterprise Models, the single model may contain larger subject areas like party, marketing, finance, sales, and others.  In each subject area there will be diagrams that define core models for that area, with some entities shared across subject areas (that's why we combine into a single model!)  When we post to confluence it would be great to have a marketing model confluence page that displays just the marketing subject area diagrams (current state diagrams via the connector) and then provide an overview of the model, links to supporting content, etc on the marketing confluence page.  With the current connector it would provide a view to the overall enterprise model and users would need to know how to navigate to the diagrams in the connetor view to find the marketing diagrams the page is describing.  We could satisfy this with screen prints or other way to capture a point in time view of the diagram, but that's a lot of un-necessary maintenance. 

the confluence connector was a big reason why we licensed sqldbm - allowing the connector to let the user choose what diagram we can select to insert into the page, as opposed to only showing the latest saved revision, would be very beneficial. we want to have our main model and our subject areas, with a confluence page for each subject area

interested if there is any consideration around this feature request?

As Janet stated above, the Confluence integration was a major factor for our selection of the enterprise license.

At the moment, the integration is not useful to us because it doesn't allow you to select a specific diagram to show. Even if the user navigates to a different subject area and diagram, the next time they come back to the Confluence page, it reverts to an arbitrary view.

We would like to be able to have living documentation pages in confluence that show an ERD and data dictionary for various areas maintained in SqlDBM.