API to allow creating new databases and team members

kenlyle 5 years ago updated by puuri christopher 4 years ago 4

I would like to be able to submit DDL, and create a new project/database, and user on the fly, as part of a software development service.

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I agree, we would like to integrate SqlDMB into our DevOps pipeline for documenting our db schema changes the builds contain.


This would be huge for us as well. Our goal is to Create DDL if not exists or replace views if they exist as part of our data engineering pipelines. We'd like this to include creation of the DDL in Snowflake and in SqlDBM so the 2 can stay in sync. This will be particular useful when we ingest hundreds of tables from a brand new data source. We'd prefer to hit like a reverse engineer API as part of our pipeline rather than create in Snowflake (using our pipeline on an automated basis) then run a script to generate all the DDL and forward engineer or forward engineer using the GUI. If we could post to a REST endpoint for reverse engineering that would solve our problem!