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Idea : workaround the differences between Views/stored Func/Procs from different environments which only differ based on their Database prefix

Thomas LEILLET 1 year ago updated by hannah gryska 1 year ago 1

When comparing different environments (live revisions), stored functions, procedures and views (from Snowflake, at least) are retrieved with their full definition (DB.SCHEMA.VIEW), contrary to the physical tables (only retrieved with SCHEMA.NAME), which generates perfectly understandable differences in the comparison feature, but yet this can hide actual differences between other objects. 

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Idea : possibility to avoid retrieving or taking into account the DB name (which is totally inherent the a live environment definition, anyway - so when checking an environment, one already knows which DB it is connected to)

Under review

Hi Thomas, 

Thank you for submitting this Idea ticket. We have forwarded this to our Product team, and will also keep this ticket open for the community to upvote. Thanks again!