Is there a way to export all diagrams at once?

Thomas LEILLET 1 year ago updated by hannah gryska 1 year ago 2

The export is limited to diagram by diagram (without using the diagram's name, by the way) - is there any way to bulk export all of them at once ? The Confluence plugin renders tedious the navigation (suject areas are badly sorted) and there is no clean way to reproduce the software layout. Or is there any free licence for read-only features maybe ?

Under review

Hello Thomas, 

For Confluence, please take a look at this quick video. You should be able to add projects to Confluence, which adds the diagrams from that project to the Confluence page for your organization.

We do offer consumer licenses. These are view-only licenses, which are available on our Small and Standard Enterprise plans. These can be assigned to users who may not need edit rights, but just need to simply view a project. I hope that helps.