Stored Procedure Paramaters are re-sorted following their NAMES !!!

Thomas LEILLET 1 month ago 0

Hello, the definition of stored procedures is changed by SqlDBM because the sorting of the parameters is rearranged alphabetically based on variables name  !

Basic example : the definition clearly states that "V_Z" is param 1 and V_A is param 2 - the forced sortingmesses with the comparison because in the comparison Pane, if parameters types are different, there will be some gap noticed without any reason, or gap not noticed

PIC 1 : parameters sorted against the proc definition itself.

Image 2324

PIC 2 : comparison left hand pane do not respect the order, and it creates issues in comparison

Image 2325

An example in my project, where my DB and my Project have the same Proc, but the comparison pane think proc are different because of the parameter name sorting affecting the param type sorting, hence the proc definition : on both side, SqlDBM consider no matching (one added, the other missing, whereas they are the same and totally eligible for gap comparison)

Image 2330