Need to create teams

abhilash kadampanalnarayanan 12 months ago updated by hannah gryska 6 months ago 4

I want to create teams as an example below:-

team1-read - read acccess to team1 projects

team1-rw - read write to team 1 projects. 

This is required so that if a new user is added to teh team, they get all access to the team projects, Rather than individually providing that access to all projects which is time consuming

Under review

Hi Abilash,

Thank you for submitting this question. As of right now, we do not have bulk adding of users - although it is a very good idea and we do see your point. I will relay this information to our Product team and we can keep you updated on this kind of enhancement.


Consider the scenario that I have 50 projects in my account. I want to create  a new Read user and grant Read access to all the projects. What is SQLDBMs suggestion to do this effectively.




Hi Abilash,

I just spoke with the team. They let me know they are already working on an enhancement called Groups, which will allow you to do exactly what you are asking. It is slated to be released in April of this year and we can keep you posted on when that is available. Thank you again!


Groups was released! Thank you again :)