Support for logical data modeling

Brad 7 months ago updated 7 months ago 4

Logical data modeling has long been a standard around data architecture and data modeling. ERWin and ER/Studio have both supported this for many years, and is a standard methodology / approach. Logical data models functions, at least partially, as the bridge between business requirements and understanding of the business data, and what need to be architected / implemented in the data platform.

While there are fields available to persist a logical name, this is not the same as logical data modeling.


Hi Brad, 

We have released our first portion of our logical modeling feature. Please see the instructions here for that. We currently support a logical modeling viewmode; many-to-many relationships; and relationship names.

 We will soon release  our second portion of logical modeling, including: ability to create a non-physical model; ability to move relationship lines; subtypes, supertypes, roll-up, etc - slated to be released by end of this year. 

Thanks again for your patience and support and ideas!

Hi Hannah. Excellent. Good to hear and looking forward to taking a look.  Definitely interested in sub/supertypes, etc.  I've been ignoring SQLDbm a bit since it didn't have a lot of the mainstream functionality I've been using in data architecture / data modeling for quite some time.  This is heading in the right direction.

Would be glad to volunteer if you need alpha / beta test support.

Thanks, Brad! We always appreciate any feedback, ideas, or suggestions. I'll put you on my list as someone willing to test things out :) Thank you for that!

One item to add to the logical data modeling functionality. It's very common to be able to define data types in the LDM, if only logical ones. Is that on the roadmap?