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Feature Request: Include View Comment and View Column Comments in the documentation on a project

kenneth wood 12 months ago updated by hannah gryska 10 months ago 1


  • In Snowflake SQL, you can define comments on a View and on it's Columns.
  • Here is sample Create View SQL from Snowflake documentation:
CREATE VIEW v1 (pre_tax_profit COMMENT 'revenue minus cost',
                taxes COMMENT 'assumes taxes are a fixed percentage of profit',
    SELECT revenue - cost, (revenue - cost) * tax_rate, (revenue - cost) * (1.0 - tax_rate)
    FROM table1;


  • Add ability to maintain View description (comment) in SqlDBM like is done for a Table.
  • Add ability to maintain View Column description (comment) in SqlDBM like is done for a table Column.
  • Add ability to see/maintain these descriptions in the Database Documentation page, as is done for Tables and Columns now.
Under review

Thank you for submitting this Idea ticket, Kenneth! I've forwarded to the Product team. Thanks again.