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Snowflake custom function / procedure name overloading

roman gyger 2 months ago updated by hannah gryska 2 months ago 1


Snowflake supports for custom function/procedure name overloading. So data type of the arguments are part of the object identification. Currently this doesn't seems to be supported as I get following behavior:

- Warning, if 2 function/procedure exists with the same name, but having different data type arguments

- Pushing a generated source ddl files of a revision with more than 1 function/procedure with same name, but different arguments, to azure, will not raise any error, but no branch/pullrequest will be generated within azure.

May I have missed something or are this behaviors the result of a currently unsupported feature?

Thanks a lot for your support.

Best regsards,




Under review

Hi Roman, 

Thank you for your question. Both of the items you've listed above are bugs in our system, both of which we do not handle correctly. I've alerted the team and we will add this to our log. Thank you as always for bringing this to our attention.